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Learn all you can about your best friend.

At Pit Bull Advocates of America, we want all dog guardians to have a basic understanding of training and dog body language. We do a great disservice to the dogs we love if we don’t take the time to understand them. Infographics and videos are a great way to learn more about our furry friends. Below is a collection of some of the best graphics and videos we use to help people get a better understanding of their beloved companions. Refer back to this page as much as you need, print out the infographics and have them handy for your friends, family, and as a great reminder for young kids.

Dog Body Language Infographics and Videos

Dogs do speak, but only to those that know how to listen. It’s much easier for us to learn their language and it’s our responsibility as dog guardians to understand what they’re trying to tell us. Dogs speak to us through body language and with practice and observation you can learn to speak dog. 

Dog Body Language

Talking Dog

Doggie Language

Reactivity Chart

Kids and Dogs Infographics and Videos

Many families take for granted how tolerant their dog is around children and this can lead to serious unintended consequences. Keeping your child and dog safe should be a top priority, so learn all you can on the topic. In addition to the graphics below, be sure to follow Family Paws Parent Education and The Family Dog on Facebook for more educational material on managing kids and dogs in the same household.

Dog and Toddler Safety

Stay Safe Around the Dogs You Know

How Kids Should Interact with Dogs

Behavior Continuum

Training Infographics and Videos

Whether you’d like to learn more about training philosophies, how to properly socialize your dog, or how to trim their nails, we’ve got you covered. Don’t miss out on these important graphics and videos.

What is Positive Reinforcement Dog Training?

If We Can Teach Wild Animals without Force or Punishment

The Do’s & Don’ts of Dog Training

A Dog’s Emotional Cup

Socializing your Dog

Ain’t Misbehavin!

How to Handle Puppy Nipping with Compassion

Reactivity Chart