Adoptable Advocacy

Homes Needed

At Pit Bull Advocates of America our main focus is advocating for dogs perceived as pit bulls. This includes so many different avenues… humane education, repealing breed specific legislation, providing resources and support to owners, uniting communities… and helping the homeless.

There seems to be no end to the line of homeless animals in our country. It’s an unfortunate truth that many in the line are thought to be pit bull in nature. It’s an additional unfortunate truth that many times these dogs are more difficult to place due to hurdles such as legislation, housing, and insurance restrictions.

Our national presence coupled with our advocacy focus is a winning combination that has the ability to help incalculable homeless pit bulls find the love and stability of a family.

Do you know of an adoptable that needs special help finding a family? Pit Bull Advocates of America is happy to advocate on behalf of your adoptable pitty out in the vast social media world!

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